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Caravane Renard du Désert : Chegaga
  Excursions and excursions Erg Chegaga


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             Eve New Year 2024 in desert morocco

There are a lot of offers for all departures to desert tours until december 2024

Trekking in Erg Chigaga day trip, Erg Chigaga Camp, Travel and Day Tours to Erg Chigaga desert Morocco tours.

Excursion Erg Chigaga Day tour Travel solidarity in Desert Morocco it's our objectif ....     

The Caravane Renard du Désert agency was created by a nomadic family in southeastern Morocco, in the village of M'hamid, the last village and oasis in the Draa Valley, and the starting point for hikes to discover the Moroccan desert. Our agency always works to achieve its fundamental values ​​(solidarity, sustainability, and quality) ... We are at your disposal for any further information.

Meeting the landscapes, cultures, and peoples of the Sahara, Mbark and his nomadic family from southern Morocco guide you through this land of eternity and take you on an unforgettable experience.

The circuits and excursions to Erg Chegaga (by camel, on foot, or in 4X4) can last from one day to 15 days in the Moroccan desert. Our open-air bivouacs under the starry sky or in nomadic tents will delight your senses and imagination. Also, our bivouacs respect nature.

Alongside Mbark and Mohamed, who are licensed guides by the state, camel drivers, guides, and chefs will surround you with care and a sense of responsibility in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. For all hikes to Erg Chegaga or excursions to Erg Chegaga, follow us...

====== Our Day Tours By 4x4 to Erg Chigaga Desert Morocco =====

Excursion desert day tour to Erg Chigaga by 4by4 for one day .

Day trip to Erg Chegaga dunes ( Erg Chegaga ) desert Morocco

Departure by 4x4 after breakfast from Mhamid last village before the Moroccan desert , Cross all three party of Desert (ERG , REG , HAMMADA ) . Visit the sacred oasis....

                                                                              More Info ...

Night at camp Erg Chigaga by 4X4 day tour .

The adventure start here in this Excursion for one night in the desert off Erg chigaga day tour.

Day trip by 4x4 to Erg Chigaga for night in the desert off Erg Chigaga camp. Departure in the afternoon from Mhamid by 4by4 to Eg Chigaga dune. Cross Erg Lbour and hamada Draa then make the visit to the sacred oasis before arrive to Erg Chigaga dune.....

                                                                                        More Info.....

Day Tour to Erg Chegaga by 4by4 chegaga dunes

Tour to Erg Chigaga by 4by4 for two days and one night in desert Morocco off Erg chigaga morocco .
Departure after breakfast from Mhamid by 4x4 to the sacred oasis lunch there then continue in the afternoon to Erg chigaga dune .Dinner and overnight at Erg chigaga dune camp . ....

                                                                                        More Info.......

===Our Camels tours to Erg Chegaga desert morocco desert trip=====

Day Tour for 3 days to Erg Chigaga desert morocco from Mhamid by camel and 4x4 .

Erg chigaga tour desert morocco :Day 1:Mhamid ----Erg KHnata by Camel tour

This tour in Erg Chigaga dune is to discouverd the customs and tradition of nomadic tribes. The tour starts from Mhamid. Ride camels for approximately 8 km over small dunes and enjoy lunch under a Tamarisk tree. In the afternoon, ....                                                                            More info....

Trekking in Erg Chigaga dune morocco by 4x4 and camel tour to Chigaga 3 days

Certainly! Trekking in the Moroccan desert is a unique and amazing experience. The Moroccan desert offers breathtaking landscapes, giant sand dunes, lush oasis and a diverse wildlife. Trekking in the desert can be a challenging adventure, but the rewards are many, including natural beauty, peace, and the discovery of Berber culture. It's important to prepare accordingly, ensure you have enough water and supplies and respect local environmental rules.


                                                              More info...

Ride camel tour to Erg chegaga (erg chegaga) 4 days desert morocco .

Ride camel tour in Erg chegaga (erg chegaga) 4 days desert morocco .
We start our adventure by 4x4 from Mhamid to the Chegaga dunes then departure of the Camel trip ....                                                    More Info.....

Camel Trekking to Erg Chigaga 5 days .

In this Hiking in the Great Sand Dunes chegaga you can discover the true magic of the Moroccan desert .Join dunes chegaga 4x4 then start the camel trip in desert morocco .                                                     More Info.....

Day Tour in desert morocco Erg Chigaga day tour .

Great Crossing Erg Chigaga dune ( dunes chigaga )We penetrate deeper into the Moroccan desert camel trekking in this unique large dune in the Moroccan desert . We cross all the erg chigaga the abandoned village of Mhamid.....                                                              More Info......

======Our Desert Camp in Erg Chigaga desert morocco ==========

Simple camp at Erg Chigaga Camp 

As a well hidden each desert is hidden a desert each Camp for Accommodation in the Moroccan desert . Looking for the most beautiful area in the desert dunes chegaga ?You 're in the right deriction in our agency Caravane Renard Du Desert. Are welcome to our three Chegaga Camps  . Wild Camp in Chegaga dune , Simple Camp  Chegaga dune , Luxury Camp chegaga dunes ......                                                                                                                               More Info.....

Wild camp in Erg chegaga (Chegaga dunes Camp) the nomadic life .

After simple Camp in Erg Chegaga dunes ,there's the wild camp or the nomads camp . Because not a permanent camp and settle on demand in very quiet place in erg chegaga. This is the way to camp that pleases the most people                                                               More Info.....

Luxury camp at Erg Chegaga

Erg Chegaga luxury Camp chegaga Or VIP Camp in Erg Chegaga desert morocco : Our agency offers a different way to organizing camps in Erg Chegaga tour for people looking to  the luxury camp in erg Chegaga dunes desert morocco ....                                                               More Info.....


Morocco Day Tour 4x4 to Erg Chegaga from Zagora

Our Tour 4by4 from Zagora to Erg Chegaga dunes. 

"Look at the desert at dawn and die, if you can." Proverb 

In this journey chegaga by 4x4 departure from Zagora you can discover all the beautiful payesage south Morocco Hammada, Erg, Reg .......

                                                                                         More infos........

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5 days in desert morocco tour in novembre 2016 stay just 3 places .

Fro 5 To 13 in desert morocco trekking .

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